When it comes to healthy children and safe and healthy families, neighborhoods, and communities, we know we have to start sooner. Because we know that one day each child will grow up, and that “One Day” Starts Today.


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Helping Each Mom Put Her Best Foot Forward

Having a baby is both an exciting and challenging experience for women and their families. But, for a woman without the resources she needs, and lacking stability and support in her own life, becoming a mom and caring for a newborn can feel insurmountable. 

Step by Step brings hope and health to these vulnerable women by providing the resources and support they need to deliver a healthy baby, embrace positive parenting, and establish a safe home. We help each mom put her best foot forward, encouraging each positive step she takes towards establishing a stable and healthy home for herself and her baby.

Spring Newsletter:

"One Day - in the Life of a Difference Maker."

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Can You Give One Day?

"Give One Day Today" 

When it comes to healthy children and safe and healthy families, neighborhoods, and communities, we know we have to start sooner. Join Us. Start today!

2014 Family Christmas Celebrations

"Making Memories Together"

Every year, Step by Step's team, volunteers, community members, client moms and their families join together to celebrate family, have a meal together, and spend time with other community members. This event is a highlight of the year. Join us as we make memories together and help make Christmas special for families in our community!