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AI Writing Poems

AI is slowly getting better at composing poems. It still has a long way to go before it can write poetry that could be mistaken for human work. In one study, researchers asked Amazon Mechanical Turk workers to judge whether a Shakespearean sonnet was written by a human or an AI. They got it wrong

AI Face GAN and Deepfakes

What is AI Face GANAI systems have been getting pretty good at generating realistic-looking images over the years. These systems, known as GANs (generative adversarial networks), are the ones that power the image-swapping technology that allows for the creation of deepfakes. When you load up the website This Person Does Not Exist, for example, it

AI Assisted Content Creation

AI helps create content that resonates with audiences, improves performance, and boosts productivity. It can also help businesses understand their competitors and gain insights into the market. However, it is essential to recognize AI’s limitations and ethical considerations before using it for content creation. This includes ensuring that AI-generated content is fair and accurate. What

Best AI Article Writer

Best AI Article Writer

Depending on the prompts, Writesonic can generate a range of content types. It also includes several AI editing tools, including Paraphrase which can be used to reword existing text. Another great feature is Explain It to a Fifth Grader, which simplifies complex content. It can be particularly useful for creating blog post summaries. Can AI

The Dangers Of AI

The Dangers Of AI

A lot of people are worried about AI. There are concerns that it could be used for weaponisation or lead to the extinction of humanity. However, there are also some who believe that this is over-hyped. It is important to remember that AIs are algorithms, no matter how human they may feel. What are the

NEJM Catalyst – AI and Health Care: Opportunities and Realities

AI has gained new prominence with the widespread use of predictive models, and NEJM is seeing an increasing number of manuscript submissions involving this topic. However, these tools are not necessarily a panacea—they can be brittle, work only in narrow domains, or have built-in biases that may disproportionally affect marginalized populations.What is AI in Machine